Temperature sensitive stalling 40F+


My 96 honda civic started stalling out last fall every time I came to a stop. I put in some fuel cleaner and changed the fuel filter, but it didn’t stop stalling until the temperature dropped outside. Now that it is April, it is warmering up outside and the stalling is back. The car has also been having trouble accelerating at high RPMs. The check engine light is on, and the code said “lean on fuel”. Any ideas???


Check the coolant temperature sensor and its wiring. Also check for vacuum leaks.


Maybe it wants to live in a northern climate. Ever consider moving to Northern Alaska? The darn thing might just run like new there.


The engine may be choking, at idle, because of a dirty throttle plate and bore. Remove the large black plastic intake tube (examine it for splits or other damage). Use a spray carb/throttle body cleaner in the throttle body and plate. Let it soak a few minuets. Run the engine at fast idle.
Check the resistance of the engine coolant temperature sensor (cts) when the engine is cold, and when it is hot. The ohms-to-temperature conversion is in the repair manual you may have thought of acquiring. If the values are wrong, change the cts.
As always, RSVP is desired. I can dream, can’t I?