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Temperature Gauge

I have a 1991 Jeep Wrangler and the temperature guage routinely pegs out. I don’t think it is a problem with the engine temp, because when I tap on the gauge it returns to normal operating temp. What can I do to trouble shoot this?

When you can tap on the gauge, and it returns to normal indication, it’s the gauge that’s defective.

My years as an avionics technician on B52s, my 6-1/2 years with an aircraft instrument manufacturer as a technician and then engineer, and my years with a commercial analog instrument manufacturer as an engineer and senior manager all tell me one things…Kit is right. It’s the gage.

You bring back sweet memories of my beloved B52s. Unless the vibration from the engines is present, tapping the gages before trusting the readings is standard procedure. As it was with the instrument manufacturers…unless we had the vibrators energized.

MB I worked with a fellow American at Jet Aviation in Zurich Switzerland. This man was also a B-52 technican,one odd thing about him is he was missing his ring finger on his left hand. One day he said to me “Do you want to know how this happened?” Of course I said yes,as it turns out he fell off the scaffolding that allowed you to work on the engines and caught his wedding ring on the sheet metal.

He told me this to discourage my wearing a watch with a metal band,we were performing DC electrical system service on Cessna bussiness jets,I never wore the watch again.

My Dad was a F-94 radar systems technican,I think his squadron got credit for 2+ kills in Korea.

We were always taught not to wear jewelry when working. We were always told that if we must have our wedding band we should wrap a bandaid or some tape around it to prevent it from catching on anything. His experience was unfortunately too common.

I didn’t need the emphasis. I almost lost my ring finger in the schoolyard on the chain link fence.