Temperature gauge

I have a 1969 chevy c10 pickup. One of its problems is the temperature gauge was not reading. I grounded the sender wire to the engine block to deterimine if the sender was bad, and ever since the gauge reads hot all the time, even with the ignition off. Could I have fried the gauge?


What was the temp gague reading before you grounded it? perhaps it was already inoperative and you just brought out a different sympton. Is this a factory installed gague? you could give the schematic a look over.

I know my '65 also displayed some pretty odd gague needle positions with the key off but I just let it be and installed a second set ogf gagues. If you really want to explore this check if the needle is stuck from being driven over too far and get a good understanding on the technique used (perhaps there is a twist on a simple resistive circuit).

The gauge was at the bottom, not registering at all but having said that the post on the sender was gone so the wire wasn’t hooked up at all. It is the factory gauge, and I was hopeful that it was functioning when it rose as the wire was grounded. Hope faded when the needle never dropped despite releasing the ground and turning off the ignition. As for the schematic, I am working from a Haynes manual and the only relevant part is to the sending unit, actually doesn’t even show the gauge.