Teen Driver Rant


I have to go on a rant about this. But first let me tell you about myself. I am a teen driver, as of right now I’m 18. I drive my parents older '02 accord. I do nearly all the repairs/maintenance myself. I have kept the car 100% original, without all the stupid “mods” to make it sound “better” or look any “cooler.” Now for the rant. I absolutely HATE it when I see someone who has taken an average family car, and “riced” it up with a loud obnoxious muffler, aka “fart can” (or lack thereof), and all around tinted windows (which is illegal around me). They then think that all the mods make them look cool, and therefor gives them permission to drive like idiots. 1) You’re not cool, you look like a moron. You’re not impressing anyone. 2) Please drive NORMALLY. PLEASE! You do not have special permissions to tailgate me, and drive 20+ over the speed limit! 3) Turn down the music! When I’m driving my younger sister around, I don’t want her to hear your music’s profanities, even when my windows are rolled up! Sorry everyone, I don’t want to offend anyone.


mb5191 - I think that you’ll mostly find that you’re preaching to the choir.


Yea, You’re probably right. I just had to say it anyway.


I don’t hate it, I just think its funny and stupid. Laugh at them as they go by.


“I drive my parents’ older '02 Accord?” What’s so old about an '02?

You’re lucky to have such a nice car to drive.


You can tell a persons IQ by what their car looks and sounds like…This applies to motorcycles too…I find this quite handy when making snap-judgments about people!


When you’re 18, 2002 is a loooong time ago.


Almost half of their life!!!


Hey it’s OK to be wacky and 18. We could do without the dangerous driving and noise. But having been there and done that, it goes with the territory. Most guys on this site did the wacky and 18 thing. If they say they didn’t, they lie. Good thing is they soon grow out of it. Bad thing is the 17s take their place and life goes on.


I guess you would have no interest in this Civic:


Too bad there aren’t a lot more young men like you.


I’m digging the plywood spoiler.


Is the rear left door missing, too? This is definitely and Arizona car.


How old are you? I admire your maturity, but you sound more like a 50-year old. No offense meant on the age attribution.


You sound mature beyond your years. But in addition to thanking and agreeing with your comments, I think your parents need a little thank you to for a job well done in contributing a considerate driver to the automotive world. Pass it on.


I’ll see your ricecar.com and raise you:


I think you would enjoy the scene at the end of “Gran Torino.” edited for spoiler


Thanks for giving away the surprise ending!!!


I wholeheartedly agree with your perspective on cars. But when I was young I installed gages, spoilers (we didn’t have “body kits” back then), wide, low tires with mag wheels, and other accessories (a right-side rear view mirror was an accessory back then), and in truth I was just trying to be an individual.

As long as these kids are only accessorizing their cars and not driving dangerously, I would urge you to learn to simply accept them and not let it bother you. You’ll learn over time that as long as the things other people do aren’t hurting anyone it’s a better world if we all simply accept one another for who we are.

In summary, your comments about the driving and loud radios are bullseyes, but be sure it’s the driving and discourteousness that upsets you and don’t let the anger carry over to those who are only accessorizing. The accessories don’t hurt others, the bad driving and discourteousness does.


I wasn’t surprised by that ending at all.


Is the rear left door missing, too?

“it allows for quick access when fly honeys want to cruise.”