TDI problems starting




I have a 2000 Jetta TDI and it has some issues starting.

Below 32F (somewhere around there) it starts no problem (with a few times warming up the glow plugs).

Above 40F it has a real hard time starting. It will crank but it won’t catch right away. Typically if I do it a good 3 times by then it will catch though there have been a few times when it hasn’t.

Any time that it doesn’t start I can boost it with another car and then it starts fine. I have had the battery replaced (with one that supposedly has a lot of cold cranking amps). So, I don’t believe it is the batter anymore.

My garage doesn’t know much about diesels and I have tried a couple of places, but they are all puzzled. Any ideas why it is hard to start when it is a little warmer out?


I had a '59 MB diesel when I got out of college and it left me stranded in Chicago. It turned out to be the starter. Have a good shop check it out.


Do you have the original timing belt? If it has been replaced, did this problem show up before or after? Have you had any CELs?

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Off hand my guess is a battery cable issue. Removing and cleaning each end of each battery cable might get you out of the problem. It also could be an internal failure in a battery cable.