Taurus Wagon High Mount Brake Light

How do I replace a high mount brake light bulb on a 2009 Taurus Wagon?

Are Those Bulbs Or LEDs On The Back Of A 2009?
I think the regular body Taurus is LED. You must be out of warranty, eh?


2000, not 2009

Do You Have The Owner’s Manual? Bulb Replacement Should Be Covered.

Well they sure didn’t make this one user friendly.

You have to remove the lift gate inner trim panel first.
Then there’s a little rubber plug to expose one nut and you can see the other three.
Remove all four nuts that hold the lamp to the liftgate.
When you lift the lamp away from the gate you can now see the two quarter turn sockets that have #921 bulbs ( #906 & 912 fat pinch bulbs all work ).

whew !

In Other Words, Grasp The Bulbs And Remove A Taurus Wagon From The Back Of Them.

I was waiting for Ken to come through on this one. It had me against the ropes. Way to go, Ken!


Thanks, had to go to the service manual for that one. The parts diagram is very unclear as to it’s removal.