Taurus rear shocks/springs

I was taking out the rear shocks/springs on my son’s 98 Ford Taurus sedan and the pinch bolt on the rear knuckle snapped (apparently this isn’t that un-common). Someone suggested that I drill the remaining bolt out and then put a (through) bolt and nut when re-installing the new shock, as opposed to trying to get the remainder of the old bolt out and replacing it with the same type bolt (not drilling through the knuckle). He suggested that a bolt and nut with a lock washer would be fine. Is this a good idea ?? Also, the replacements are the quick struts with the springs attached and he told me that I didn’t need a spring compressor but it looks to me like it would be so much easier to get the shock out and new one in by using a spring compressor (as opposed to trying to get the knuckle down far enough to have the shock slide in).