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Taurus offset?

01 taurus has 16x6 rims with 42 mm offset and 215/60/16 tires. Will a Lincoln LS rim which is 16x7 with the same offset fit in wheel well if same size tire is used? both rims have same offset so the extra 1" width is on the outside lip? Found a good deal on rims with blizzaks tires. Which is nice in MN.


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Same offset and wider rims means 1/2" is outside and 1/2" is inside. So my strut clearance is 1/2" tighter. Linc rim is 16x7 ET 40. Same as optional Taurus rim. Stock Taurus rim is 16x6 ET 42

That should work as long as the rim and tire sidewall are not right up against the strut now… which is very unlikely. The tire clearance is far more likely the smallest.

Your correction is right, there is a 1/2 more rim inboard and 1/2 more outboard. The tire is in exactly the same place. With the same sized tire, the sidewalls will be slightly less than 1/2 closer inboard and outboard. If the current tire is more than a 1/2 from the strut while sitting on the ground, the tire and wheel should fit fine.