Takakakaka noise from back right wheel and goes away

After I had calipers and breaks done we went camping. Coming back home there was a takakakaka noise from back wheel. Drove a bit and stopped several times and after a while it stopped. That was a couple months ago. Yesterday started again. I kept thinking it was something hitting the tire because the car drove fine. I drove back home a few miles and lifted the car on the jack to take a look if something is touching the tire. Didn’t see anything. Took it back down to go to the auto shop and the car moved freely backwards but in drive it felt like something was sticking (As though the wheel was starting to lift). I didn’t move it forward at all. Back up on jack and disconnected the caliper to check if it was the pad or something in the pad sticking. Now it feels stuck in reverse and drive. Any idea what it could be?

Restricted brake hose not letting fluid return, holding caliper on.
When it’s locked up, crack a bleeder valve open, if it instantly freeze up it points to the brake hose.

Restricted hoses leads to binding brakes/wheel hop?

Are the anti-rattle clips, if present, properly installed?

Wheel hop! That’s what it feels like!
Thing is I removed the caliper and zip tied it away from the wheel to check what it would do without the brake and it’s still trying to “hop”. I didn’t check the other side but I know the noise came from this one.
I’ll tow it to the shop.

If the caliper was failing to release, you would not be able to remove it from the rotor by hand.

Release the parking brake.

The parking brake cable could be frozen due to the winter-cold as well. If I had that symptom I’d try heating the parking cable going to that wheel w/a hair dryer. A faulty wheel bearing is another, less likely imo, possibility.

what year is this vehicle?
does it have drum brakes with separate brakes shoes for the emergency brake? if so, the cable could be frozen causing the shoes to be locked up like Nevada was suggesting.

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It’s a 2009. It doesn’t have drum breaks. It’s not cold enough in Sacramento for it to freeze. The car came from Chicago :slight_smile:
The one thing that was in common to the two instances it made the noise (before it completely seized) was that I was going up and down on hilly terrain. Our usual driving is flat topography. First time was in the sierras and second in the hills.

At first when I tried spinning the wheel when on the jack it didn’t turn forward but did turn back. Now it’s not turning at all. I did press the parking break when I put it on the jack and released when off. Anyway, I’ve driven with the break on before it’s never totally seized like this.

Brakes not breaks .

You have rear disks with small brake drums and shoes for the parking brake. This is what the rotor looks like, the parking brake is inside the “hat”.

It’s very possible the parking brake mechanism has come apart, jamming the the rotor so it can’t turn.

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Thank you! Yes it seems very likely that that is the problem. Now I’m having trouble taking off the caliper bracket to get to it :crazy_face: . Bolts won’t loosen. I thought it was strange since I just recently had the shop machine all 4 rotors and put new pads on. Now that I know what to look for, I see they did the two fronts but not the backs. Charged for 4 of course :grinning: . Not a dull moment. Thanks again for the advice.

why not bring it back to where you had the work done. you paid for the work for 4 rotors and brakes. it should be done right.

It’s sometimes possible to machine rotors on drive wheels while the rotor remains on the vehicle. Not sure if such a thing is possible your vehicle’s rear wheels though. In any event machining rotors is usually best avoided with newer vehicles b/c the rotors come new from the factory already pretty thin. Machining may put them below their thickness limit. I doubt machining the rear rotors will do much solve your noise & lock-up problem in any event. Likely some other issue.

What model year?

It’s a 2009. There is plenty of meat on the rotor but it doesn’t look it needed machining or that the pads needed to be replaced. They just should have said something or given a discount instead of charging for 4. I’ll go back there.

Thanks for the suggestions regarding the parking break. It was the break that was stuck. Could hardly get the disk off. And it was a loose spring inside that I am guessing was making the initial noise. Without it on, the car moves forward freely. I will order and install a new one.