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Tail Light & Reverse Lights

2002 Trailblazer bulbs (only passenger side) continually blow out. Replacing bulbs fixes it, but then a month or so later someone tells me they are out again.

Bulb recepticals look “melty.”

Will replacing circuit board fix it permanently?
Is itmpossible thatbthere is a problem in wiring somewhere between front and rear of truck?
News bulbs put in yesterday. So now all work. So, if I put in new circuit board everything will still loom fine and I wont know if the fix is permanent.
I’d rather not wait until a bulb lows again.

You most likely have a connection problem causing the issue and are removing good bulbs thinking they are bad. The reverse lights especially don’t get used much. Putting in a new circuit board will most likely take care of the problem. Especially if the sockets seem to be damaged due to heat.

GM has issued a TSB #03-08-42-006B.

The TSB instructs technicians to replace the tail lamp circuit boards with new updated tail lamp circuit boards P/N 16532713.