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I am thinking about buying a new Toyota Tacoma. Um a bit worried about towing, I have a 4,000 lbs camper and I am concerned that it will not do the job. Um looking at the 4 door off road package.

Any sujestions ?

Also: Is there any good deals on new Tacoms ? What did you guy’s spend.

I wouldn’t tow 4,000 pounds with a truck that size, even if the manual said I could. You don’t ever want to go downhill and have to stop. Jacknife city.

If a trailer has proper brakes not a large problem and truck is properly equipped. Make sure you get the truck equipped with tow capacity.

Trailer brakes work fine.

The other advantage of your setup is you are getting a 4 door which makes the length longer. The longer the length the harder for a vehicle to sway.