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Tachometer normal ranges after timing belt, balance belt replaced

What would be the normal tachometer reading when car is driven at different speeds? Or is there any such thing as normal? Should tach stay at a constant 2000 revs reading say at 60 - 60 mph. Thanks for your expertise.

Not sure what you are getting at, but the tach should read the same as before, I think Tester said that a successful timing belt job includes not noticing any change in the vehicle performance.


An old timing belt should not have any effect on the engine’s normal RPMs (until it snaps).
A new timing belt should not have any effect on an engine’s RPMs.

If you are traveling at a steady speed, the RPMs should be steady and should be identical at 60 mph with both the old timing belt and with the new timing belt.

What are you trying to determine?

Instead of backing into a question, how about asking the question in a direct way, such as:
“Before my car was serviced, the RPMS at 60 mph were XXXX.
After it was serviced, the RPMs at 60 mph are XXXX. What could be the cause of this difference?”

Thanks and yes, before the car was serviced with old timing belt it seemed to me that the tach read about 2000 going at a steady 60 mph.
After servicing the tach seemed to be a tad higher than 2000 maybe a 2.3 however this maybe just a figment of my imagination. I shall track it for a while to see if it reads higher than when it had its old belt installed. Thanks again.

If the tach is reading higher, you might have something else going on, like your torque converter not locking up. Possibly an electrical connector got left off on the timing belt job?

What year, engine? A 97 4 cyl will run 2450 rpm @ 60 mph.

Tire circumference is in this equation also.