T_Tech service causing problems

I have a 2003 Grand Caravan ,85000 miles,and decided to have the transmission fluid replaced for preventive maintenance. Transmission worked fine before the service. Since then, it occassionally misses the shift between first and second,and slips back and forth between fourth and fifth. this only happens in drive(overdrive),and not in 3. Any ideas?

Your transmission is very sensitive to the type of fluid used. It absolutely MUST have ATF+4. The first sign that improper fluid was used is shifting problems. If they used so-called universal transmission fluid, it needs to come out of there, pronto.

There are a couple of other possibilities:

  1. Was the pan dropped and the filter replaced? The flush may have dislodged gunk that is now clogging the filter.
  2. The transmission control module is re-learning your driving style and is still adjusting to the change in fluid.

BTW, your transmission has only 4 forward gear ratios. The final “shift” you are feeling is the torque converter locking up.

Was it flushed or just a pan drop and fluid/filter changed?? If it was indeed flushed, did they drop the pan and change the filter also?? Was the service done at a dealer, transmission shop or one of those fast lube places???


They are supposed to shift into every gear while parked and running too. It might not help by now.

after I read your post, I checked the fluid level and it was way low. The guy used the right fluid, just not enough. After we topped it off , everything worked fine. Thanks for your input it really helped me think this through.