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Synthetic to Regular Oil

My daughter was charged $30+ because she was changing from synthetic to regular oil.Is this the normal procedure?

Please tell us if this was the TOTAL charge, in which case the price for 4 quarts is normal.

Please also tell us WHY she did this, unless the synthetic oil was DUE for a change.

Are you saying than oil changes are 30.00 less when synthetic is not used? Your post reads as if a penealty was added to the bill.

Who, what, when, where, how, and why are great questions to ask yourself when you write. It prevents a lot of silly questions if the story is clearly presented. If I don’t try hard enough, NOBODY knows what I’m talking about.

She was being charged $30 extra to “go back” to regular oil, or was the total oil change $30? Also who changed it, and why didn’t she just use synthetic again? How did they even know it had synthetic in it?