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Synthetic Oil

What is the proper oil for my 1999 Saab 9-3 turbo

Look in your owner’s manual. It will have the information you are looking for. You do have your owner’s manual right?

no i do not.

Call a Saab dealer and ask them. I’d bet good money though that synthetic 5w-30 will be the answer.

Often it is on the oil cap on top of the engine (aka where you pour the new oil in).

You REALLY should have an owner’s manual for this car.

Look for an inexpensive used manual at

To get an owner’s manual, click on the link, register your car, and follow instructions to obtan an electronic copy.

If it is a turbo, you will want synthetic oil. I don’t know what grade though. Probably a 5W-30 for that year, but don’t count on me being right.