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1999 Saab 9-5 Turbo replaced but oil is dirty

Hello. I am considering purchasing a 1999 Saab 9-5 Turbo wagon. Evidently the Turbo was recently replaced. The engine sounds good and drives well, but the oil is dirty. I understand that these cars need very consistent attention on details like oil changes. Could the fact that the oil is now dirty (after the Turbo replacement) be jeapordizing the life span of the new Turbo?

Thanks, Marc

Make them change it, and keep up yourself. What is “recently” and what happened to the original?

Does the seller have written documentation of frequent oil changes, along with other required maintenance? If not, avoid this car. Regardless, just recognize that you are considering buying one of the least reliable cars out there…

Because of the heat that turbos can generate, I only would use synthetic oils in a turbo car.

I’m not worried about dirty oil (unless it was just changed and the new oil got dirty very quickly), as long as it is within a maintenance schedule. If he’s gone 20,000 miles on this oil because he thinks that synthetics can do that, then walk away. But if he does his 3000 mile oil changes (with synthetic) then I wouldn’t be worried.

I disagree on “least reliable” cars out there.

To the OP, did you check the engine oil cold or after driving it. Remember engine oil looks real dirty with a cold engine since particulate seems to settle and stick to dipstick.

Just going by CR, worse or much worse than average 1999-2005. Consistently bad record.

If you’re really concerned, but you REALLY want it bad enough - bring it to your mechanic and have him drop the pan to look for sediment in the oil pan. Should be a few hundred to completely clean it out.

Turbo’s should only be run on synthetic. 99’s are fine cars - if you’re willing to do the work yourself. That being said - I wouldn’t own a Saab at all if you’re not willing to do work yourself. Or have someone who will do it for you [i.e. mechanically inclined significant other and brother].

Good luck, I love my 99 9-3 personally but it’s a labor of love as well!

always remember : and haha - saving graces for a saab owner.