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Synthetic Oil Change


I have a 1988 Acura Legend with about 51K miles. As you can tell, the car is not used much. It currently has Mobil One synthetic oil which is about 14-months old. The car has only gone about 1500 miles since the oil change. Should the “oil” be changed based on the time duration alone?


Synthetic or not, oil changes are to be made as recommended time or miles whichever comes first. I suspect you are past due.

Few miles often translates to short trips where the engine does not warm up to operating temperature which tends to be hard on the car and the oil. Even normal driving distances does not let you off the hook as those long times with no use also are not easy on the oil.

I am sure the owner’s manual will tell you whatever comes first.

I would use every 1 year as a oil change interval syntehtic or conventional. Even those luxury brands with a built in oil life monitor use this interval.