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Synthetic Oil and the idiot light

When we purchased our new 2008 Escape, we started to use synthetic oil immediately. The problem is the idiot light starts coming on at about 3500 miles telling us to change oil. Is there a way to adjust the light to come on later OR turn the bugger off?

Using synthetic oil does not enable one to go further than the manufacture?s oil change intervals.

Are you still under warranty? If so, don’t extend the interval unless you want to invalidate part of your warranty.

Very true. Extending the oil change interval can be used as a reason to deny the OP warranty coverage on any internal engine problems.

I believe there is a way of telling it that you changed the oil. It does not look at the oil, it just comes on after so many miles, hours etc. Either way you need to tell it to reset.

Which idiot light? The one that says you’re due for service or the one that says yur oil pressure is low?

Your owner’s manual tells you how to reset the light when it illuminates. But IMHO you should not extend oil change intervals because you’re using synthetic. Your warranty contract will agree with me. I guarantee it.