Synthetic Motor Oils

Is there any difference between Castrol, Valvoline, Mobil synthetic oils. My Land Rover specified Castrol 5W30 but the other brands are considerably cheaper. Thanks Ken/Tucson

Different cars (BMW, VW, others) have specific specifications. It may be that only Castrol meets LR’s specs. You need to find that spec and see if others meet it.

ps-a LR is about the last car I’d skimp on for care.

Don’t they use the old cast-off GM aluminum V8 of Pontiac Tempest fame? Olds called them F-85’s or something like that… Those engines sure didn’t get any Castrol 5-30 synthetic…

The prices are about the same here. What are your prices? Are you buying the oil from a store or from a car dealer?

Not any more, they had switched to BMW engines when BMW owned them for a short period and afterwards, now maybe Ford/Jaguar v8s? What with the sale to Tata, I’m not sure…

They’re all about the same price where I live too. Except maybe Royal Purple or Amalie. Mobil-1, Castrol, Valvoline are all about the same price at the same store.

The key thing is to check what oil spec manual recommends. Castrol meets the spec at least in one if not all synthetic oil products in 5w30 so they recommend it.

Make sure whatever you choose also meets Land Rover oil spec requirements. You can inquire directly to an oil maker(website) about your specific application and they should help you.

There are other times they simply do a marketing ploy like GM recommending Mobil 1 in certain products. In that case other synthetics work and easily meets what GM requires but they don’t get their name on the block or in the manual.

Thanks and agree with skimping does not work. Prior to this vehicle I had a Mercedes which specified Mobil 1 only so will have to find what the difference is, if any, among the brands. Thanks

Shop at Auto Zone and/or O’Reilley’s Seems that each brand periodically has a sale price approximatelly $30 per quart off so that is why I am wondering if the specs on the various brands are all about the same.

Well stated - Thanks / Mercedes recommends an oil change every 10,000 miles and Land Rover 7500 miles but I am sticking to a 5000 mile oil change versus 3000 on older cars.