Synthetic Diesel Oil

How long can I leave synthetic diesel oil in my truck? I work overseas and only drive my truck every 4 to 5 months. Do I need to change it when I’m home? The oil only has 2,000 miles on it?

There are many people in such a situation, including myself a few years back. The oil does not deteriorate just sitting in your truck. I used to change oil once a year in such a situation, even though the car would only have 1500 miles or so on it.

If the truck is still under warranty this would be a good thing to do. Also, there are 2 year and 4 year maintenance inspections; again, if the truck is still under warranty, you should have these done when they are due!

Are you talking about motor oil or fuel oil? Motor oil will last a very long time. Your owner’s manual should tell you the max time as well as the max miles. Do which ever comes first.

Thanks, I’ll change it next trip.