Syntetic oil at 60K

Mechanic has mistakenly used the syntetic oil at 60k service for my honda Civic 2006. We have been using non syntetic oil till now. Will thisdamage my engine long term and short term? Will it cause engine wear issues long term. He claims that the AM oil barnd of syntetcic is compatible both ways. Should I darin and change filter and oil right away ( it has only been 30 miles)?

Having synthetic oil in the engine will harm nothing. Synthetic and regular oils are compatible in that they can be mixed. You’ve heard of semi-synthetic oil? This is just a blend of regular and synthetic oil.

Leave the synthetic oil in the engine, and at the next oil change switch back to regular oil if you wish.


Thanks tester. Should I expect the Honda oil change reminder system detect the difference ? I mean does this blend last longer and assuming the reminder system uses the viscossity as the criteria for when to change is it sensitive to this issue?

The reminder system assumes that you use the recommended oil. It will still go off at the same time/miles that it would have. It does not measure viscosity (which is the same for the synthetic if you used the right kind), or anything else. It estimates oil life based on operating factors.

No. The oil change reminder doesn’t care what type of oil is used. This system uses an algorithm in the computer that determines when the oil should be changed based on how the vehicle is driven.


The only thing subject to increased wear and tear was your wallet…

But since it was a mistake, the mechanic should eat the cost difference of the oil. I certainly wouldn’t pay for it.

Minimalist, did you pay for synthetic oil or regular oil?

I paid for the syntetic oil. It is 31 versus 10!! It was honest mistake I know the guy he was short handed.