Symptoms of a bad motor?

I was just wondering what the symptoms of a bad motor would be. I have a 1995 oldsmobile cutlass ciera. Automatic. If someone could please tell me i would greatly appreciate it.

It depends on how you define “bad”.

A worn out motor loses oil pressure at idle, burns oil, chugs and idles slowly, sputters, and generally lacks power.

A “bad” motor is any motor that leaves a puddle on the floor.

What’s your Oldsmobile do?

To that list, I would add–an engine that makes loud noises, as that could indicate many things (bad bearings, a rod that is about to go through the engine block, etc.) that are too expensive to fix on a 1995 car.

There are lots of symptome. It might help if you started by naming the ones you have. It may not even be engine related. Bad computer! Bad u-joint!

well first when its on but in park in the morning it sounds kinda like your foot is on the gas peddal. i dont know how to explain it. i hope that makes sense. but then once i put it in drive its fine. i know it need a muffler. there are no puddles, its not burning oil, i will have to check to see if it loses oil pressure. i know what it sounds like when a rod breaks. it happened to my mom. so im pretty sure its not a broken rod.

hope that helps

Bad oil pressure is when the oil light begins to blink on while at idle and warmed up.

ok then it doesnt have bad oil pressure.