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Swollen nuts on your Ford? Too bad!

The class action lawsuit filed against Ford for the infamous swollen lug nuts was tossed out of court because…

"…the judge ruled there were no facts to support the claims under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act or under state laws."

You misspelled “nutz.” :wink:


Fords are not the only one with the problem, in my area any car with a stamped stainless steel sleeve over a plain steel nut will do this as well as brake fixture slides with a thin stainless hardware to protect the slides will still let the slide to rust under the hardware and stop the caliper from retracting,

"The plaintiffs claim Ford should have replaced and repaired the lug nuts under warranty, but the judge noted none of the plaintiffs presented their vehicles to Ford within the warranty periods.

Part of the requirement of the new vehicle limited warranty is that an owner present the vehicle to a Ford dealer during the 3-year/36,000-mile warranty period, but only one plaintiff claims he did anything within that period.

However, the plaintiff says he took the lug nuts to a dealer but never took his vehicle, an action not covered under the clear terms of the warranty"

Idiots. It’s a shame their lawyer didn’t realize that Ford couldn’t have breach of warranty when the plaintiffs clearly did not even try to start a warranty claim.

I replaced the nuts on my Mustang a week after I got it. Though it was for aesthetic reasons. Chrome lug nuts on black wheels? C’mon now. I went with matching black lug nuts. I’m going to square 20x10 wheel setup in the next month so, so I’ll probably get new lug nuts for the new wheels as well.

Salted nuts are good to eat, but not good for cars.

If I had to guess, I’d guess that road salt is the problem to most people coming down with a case of swollen nuts.

I woke up one morning to a case of swollen nuts when I had my 97 Intrepid 3.5L (Fantastic car! Wish they still made them!) when I went to remove some wheels. I replaced the lugs nuts and the problem was solved.

The problem was caused by driving on salted roads. Nearly everything else I’ve had problems with on a car could be attributed to road salt. It’s killed every car I’ve owned, until now…

The best solution to swollen nuts is to quit driving on roads covered with wet salt. I don’t drive on salted roads any more unless I fly into salt country and then I’ll drive a rental car for a short time.

The lawsuit should be directed at the clowns who choose to have salt spread all over public roads instead of finding alternatives.

A class action lawsuit over a $50 problem?
Experienced this 20 years ago but after about 4-5 years of ownership. I bought replacements and moved on. Not worth arguing about IMO…


Someone looked long and hard for a complaint and that’s all they could find. Ford should use that suit in a sales campaign.

That suit replaced the suit seeking damages for seat belts that hurt when drivers sat on them.

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Other class action suits are for a lot less than that. I occasionally get a form letter or email about some small purchase i made. I stood to make a couple bucks, maybe, and I just ignored them. The real money is for the lawyers. If your typical ambulance chaser gets $400,000, that’s ten year’s pay all in one year. Class action law suits are the assembly line for attorneys.

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It started with someone b’ing about having rusted lug nuts. Personally, I think life is too short to waste time pursuing a car manufacturer over a rusted lug nut. When I get those kind of letters from the lawyers fishing for clients, I throw them in the recycling bin…

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Would be a worthwhile lawsuit if the lug nuts were prone to coming off, rather than prone to becoming hard to take off.

I received a letter that I was entitled to compensation because my Briggs and Stratton powered lawn mower was overrated at 22 hp, and a class action lawsuit had ensued over the overrated hp claims. I didn’t notice the 1 less hp when I mowed, so I didn’t join in on the claim. I always wondered who dynoed the lawn mower and discovered it had less hp than advertised, though. Must be some serious grass mowers out there. Obsessed with lawn equipment capability.

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Nuts!! … :wink:


Nuts? I thought that decision was swell!! :crazy_face: