2014 Ford Escape - Swollen lug nuts

I have a ford escape se ecoboost 2014 the garage said that the log nuts where swollen could that be right if so ford is not right

Yes, lug it can ‘swell. If you take it to Ford, they will tell you the same thing.
From your mechanic.com

Swollen lug nuts is in fact a common problem. It’s not only common with Toyota’s, but also with Ford, Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge. It comes from the way that they make the lug nuts. Instead of making me whole lug nut one piece of metal they make the lug nut and then put a metal beauty cover over the top of the thick metal lug nut so that they look more desirable and cleaner on the car.

The issue of the swelling comes from corrosion and moisture getting trapped underneath this cover in between the cover and the metal lug nut itself. Over time it grows with rust and more corrosion and actually spread out the lug nut’s casting. In this case, the normal impact socket used by the technicians to remove the wheels don’t fit anymore.

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