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Sway bar


While negotiating a corner, heard a sharp clunking sound and suspected something wrong with the front wheel. Took a look under the car and found one of the bolt that hold a metal bar to the right wheel assembly was cut in half and the top part is gone. Looking up for the name of the part I suspect its the bushing for the sway bar. Searched the internet for the bushing and found one (Mevotech Front Sway Bar Link Kit 2002-2006 Mitsubishi Lancer) at $22 including shipping.

Question: Is it safe for me to replace the part myself or I do really need to go to a mechanic?


You should be fine to do this yourself if you have a bit of mechanical ability. The nice thing about sway bars is they don’t need adjustment or alignment. If your car is closer to the 2002 end of the range you may want spray the heck out of the nuts and bolts with penetrating oil a few days prior to doing it to make it an easier job. Good luck…

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Beware if you’re still driving it. Without the front sway bar working you can get oversteer and spin out. I would park it until you fix it.

Thanks both for the response.

Went ahead and ordered the bolt/bushing. Yes did figure out the safety factor so the car is just safely parked. Did have to use a vise to pry the bushing remnant out of the hole its in. As soon as the new bushing arrives, should be able to connect the sway bar back in place.