Sway Bar Link - Front Suspension - Popping

I have a Mazda 2002 MPV. I posted a question a week or so ago about technical service bulletins as there is one for this problem.

My sway bar link, which seems to be part of the front suspension, is making a popping noise when driving over bumps.

I have no idea what a sway bar link is or what purpose it serves, but it has been worked on several times while it was under warranty.

My question is this - Does anyone know if this is dangerous to be driving with it making these popping noises? I won’t be able to get it into the garage for a week or so.

Thanks in advance!

No One Is Answering
The sway bar keeps the car from leaning too much in a turn, reduces “body roll.” I think you are going to have trouble finding somebody to say your’s isn’t dangerous like this or they wouldn’t have put it on your car to begin with. I would think the problem would be if it advances from “popping” to “letting go” suddenly or the link breaking. The car’s handling could change and I would wonder if a dangling bar would damage or interfere with a tire or brakes or steering.

You should make sure that your anti sway bars work. It would help if we knew what the TSB says. If this is a continuing problem, an aftermarket end link may work better. I would check on an MPV board.

That’s a great idea. Thanks for the suggestion!