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Sway Bar Link Fitment for a Specific Vehicle

How do I know if a certain sway bar link will fit my car or not? I know they normally list compatibility, but what makes a sway bar link compatible with only certain vehicles? Is there like a certain dimension? Would I get better results searching for like XX inch sway bar links.

I have a 2005 Toyota Camry. Are there like rust proof ones or extended life ones? What makes a premium sway bar link premium or higher end?

You’re over-thinking a simple part.,2005,camry,3.0l+v6,1430821,suspension,stabilizer+bar+link,7580

Take your pick.


Replacement links may have a grease fitting, that would be the biggest difference I can think of, but only if they are lubed.

Take a look at what they have over at the Summit Racing website. I’m seeing an AC/Delco Professional version for $50, and Centric version for $11. Folks building race cars would be in a better position to know which link versions are the most robust.

If plain ones lasted 14 years, that’s enough for me.

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