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Sway Bar End Links

Is it necessary to replace both sway bar end links?
when only one is damaged
they are recommending I replace both sway bar end links
What would be likely to go wrong if only one was replaced?

Unless the bad one was damaged by some sort of trauma, the other one is likely not far behind in going bad.


Only makes sense. If one goes the other can’t be far behind. Case closed.

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It’s like brakes.

If one side is worn out?

The other side is probably in the same condition.

The sway bar links are one of the components that allow you to keep your vehicle under control while cornering.


if i understand correctly it’s not necessary

i will check the other one

this one got damage after i hit a big pothole

do they wore out this early

mine is 2014 model with 50k mile on it

Yes, they can wear out that early. What usually occurs first is an annoying knocking noise at low speeds on driveway entrances. If one of yours is broken off, that’s another matter as the handling is severely compromised. It just makes sense to replace the other.

These things are (or should be) really cheap as car repairs go. If you have concerna over the cost of a second link, not to be nasty but; Can you afford to be a car owner?

it’s exactly like you said annoying knocking at low speed
i bought moog for the damage one
i guess i will get the other one too

:sweat_smile: barely

thank you all for your help

so i replace the sway bar ends

they came with some grease in them but not filled

what type of grease should i top them off with?

Depends on if they have grease zerks or not. If not, I’d leave it alone since there is as much grease as it is supposed to have from the supplier.
If they have grease zerks, I have synthetic axle grease in my grease gun and that’s what I’d use but any chassis grease intended for ball joints is just fine…

I use Green Grease.

It’s good for automotive, marine, and winter applications.


yes they do have Zerk fitting

i found Green Grease on amazon

thanks guys