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Swapping heads on my J35Z3 with heads from J37A2 Engine

I have heard that you can put J 37 heads on the J 35 engine I found one forum talking about it but I cannot find any more information does anybody have any info?

May we assume you have some kind of Infiniti . . . ?!


Why do it? Why are the other heads better? If they’re different at all, there could be complications.

I have an 08 Honda accord. What I have heard is that the J37a2 head has bigger valveS than the J35z3 head. And that I would need to change the heads intake and headers…this would give me more HP

Why spend money on parts that might not work correctly, and may cause damage?

Running a cylinder head with larger valves will make little if any noticeable difference at all. Any difference would be at high RPMs and may be detectable on a dyno. Maybe.

This is one of those mods that by itself won’t bring much to the table and would work best in conjunction with other mods; head porting, camshaft changes, exhaust mods, and turbocharging.

yep, that would be like the disappointment of butchering up a vehicle to install a set of headers (as the only mod ) its been said before , (you want something sportier ,get something sportier ) the old smallblock chevy days are over . I can only imagine what you will run into as you butcher this engine .

My best guess, is that you are looking for support in this endeavor. So my suggestion is find one of the numerous rice racer forums, and post there. Plenty of encouragement and support for all your mods, even if they only add to you credit card balance.

If you want to give it a try, and you have the resources to do it, and willing to accept the various risks as described above, why not? This is a good way to learn. This forum isn’t where you need to be though. You need some kind of Honda Tuning and Performance forum. There’s a Honda Tuning magazine I’ve seen at the bookstore. Maybe start with a subscription to that, they may have articles already published on this you can look up. And they’ll probably offer some links to appropriate vendors, user groups, and forums.