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Suzuki Swift Returns to US in 2010

Just want to make sure everyone got the good news; whoo hoo!!! Now I don’t have to “choose”; I just have to make my 2000 last another two years. No problem-o!!


How many clowns can fit inside? :slight_smile:


That resistor block, by the way, will probably only run you $25 to $50, and it may not be hard to change. Then all the positions on your heater fan will work.

I think, judging by the dearth of responses, I’m the only one excited about this news, hahaha…

Cool!!! I can’t change it myself, of course, but hopefully my mechanic won’t charge too much. Can you also tell me how likely it is that I’ll lose my remaining (the highest) speed on this fan? Doesn’t bother me to have it on full blast or not at all (not worth repairing unless/until it goes out completely)…


Unlikely. The way the circuit is set up, there is a stepped resistor circuit (the resistor block) in line before the 12VDC fan motor. As you switch the fan speed switch it sends the circuit to different paths, each a different resistance. The resistor then “drops” (converts to heat energy) voltage leaving only a specific amount to run the fan motor. The fan motor is DC, so it goes slower with less voltage available and faster with the lower resistor legs of the circuit.

The “high” setting bypasses the resistor block and goes straight to the motor, giving it the full 12 volts. Even after the resistors have all blown, the direct circuit still functions.

By the way, I really am happy for you.

Awesome; yet another reason to shoot for 200,000 miles (I did it in my last Toyota)… Thanks a bunch…

My high mileage obtained was on a Toyota. 338,000 with no major engine or drivetrain work…and then it got totalled by a Hyundae!

Anyway, enjoy your “Zuki”.

Kind of reminds me of the original Rabbit GTI (1982 or so). If it drives like one, I’ll take it.

Ed B.

I usually find the cause to be the process variable not sending the proper input signal to the modulator. This causes it to run High all the time . :slight_smile: I think its a cool little car

Check out a Top Gear Review

Thanks Americar . . . cool review. Rocketman