Suzuki is not starting



The car: Suzuki Esteem 2000, Automatic, 1.6L engine (G16).

So far I did tested and it is OK:

fuel pressure,

Compression is about 120 psi

Timing belt, correct settings

No codes from on board computer

Spark exist on all 4 cylinders, but for some reason it looks like is 180 degree off.

Starter is cranking.

NO START! :frowning:

Any suggestions?




180 degrees off, sounds like timing belt or chain to me.


How are you comming to the conclusion the spark is 180 off? Something like valve position says #1 should be sparking but spark is at #4?


Timing Belt is OK.
I did checked so many times. I can post pictures.


I did put white mark on crankshaft timing pulley.
Connected timing light to the first spark plug wire and …
Light get ON, on oposite side then are timing marks on timing cover.
I did get the car as is with out knowing the history.
It looks like somebody put wrong cylinder head or … I do not know.