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Suzuki Esteem 2002

We bought a Suzuki Esteem 2002 for our 16 year old son and the car runs great. just a few problems: (1) he cannot see what gear he is in at night as the light on the automatic shifter doesn’t light up; (2) the automatic starter never really works; it tries but then stops without the engine actually turning over; and (3) we can only enter the car by using the gadget on the keychain; the key only opens the passenger side door not the driver’s door. Can you help?

  1. Not really a big deal. It’s an automatic so you can tell by the sound of the engine or tachometer if it’s going all the way into 4th gear. Not worth fixing IMO.

  2. It’s an aftermarket deal, it’s probably not installed correctly or whoever installed it didn’t setup the timing on it correctly. You may want to go to a car audio shop and have them look at it. They deal with this sort of thing on a regular basis.

  3. Again if it’s an aftermarket product. Have a car audio shop look at it. If’s it an OEM Suzuki keyless entry take it to a Suzuki dealership (if you can find one) look at it. But try an a independent shop first, they will be cheaper. But Suzukis aren’t that common and parts may be a little harder to find. So if you have a dealership nearby you might have better luck there.

Thanks for your reply. Regarding the shift, the car has no trouble going into gears; it’s just that the light doesn’t light up and I was wondering if it could just need a new bulb or would that be an electrical issue. Thanks for your time.