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Suzuki fuel tank and pump swap with chevy tracker

help! fuel pump died on my 1998 sidekick sport 5 door. 1.8l a/c, auto approx 14.5 gal tank i think. my soon 2 b ex-wife had use of car for a number of months and always kept tank almost empty since she mostly just ran around town. 170K miles in rusty maine roads.

i am hoping to avoid paying almost $500 for factory pump and sending unit by maybe swapping out tank and pump from a friend’s dead 1998 chev tracker. vehicles seem nearly identical except his is 5 spd and engine is configured differently on top end. are gas tanks/pump/connections identical and swappable?? i am poor! i realize this may be a risk in that his pump may not last long but rest of my car may die soon too so am willing to chance it if saves me $500 now while in throes of divorce battle. thx bob

Those parts could/should be the same. Even if they are not identical, they are probably interchangeable. I’m assuming that these are the same vehicle except in name, but I don’t know them by name.

thanks, but i am looking for advice by someone who KNOWS they are identical as alotta parts on them are not. i want an educated opinion b4 i pay to have tracker tank dropped.

According to the information you gave w/ regards to the vehicles (2WD, 4WD? specific engine, etc)…and according to the Autozone database, the same part is a replacement for both vehicles…

new fuel pump (E8229) about $140,
$20 for the strainer (FS152) recommended to be included with the change

That’s probably about as close to “someone who KNOWS” as you’re likely to find.

thx. are u saying they show same part # for tank? that is main concern. i want to swap out tanks as i believe his pump is functional. thx a lot

Why do you want to do the whole tank? Why not just buy the new pump chaissos suggested and then you wont have to worry about it for another 170k mi. Unless something is wrong with the current tank, I’d just swap out the pump.

my tank has at least 1 pinhole. plus all fittngs very rusty. something broke when repair dude was trying to unbolt sending unit from the pump, requiring a new sending unit, whcih costs 2x as much as pump. sorry should have mentioned earlier. i am poor and figured cheapest amd easiest deal is to just swap intact tanks since i cannot do just the pump. more stuff likely to break as he removes old pump and sender from my tank so why not just swap the whole deal if it fits? thx!!

If you are going to pay somebody to drop the tank, have him call the parts place and get the part numbers. Why wait? Parts places like to work with their mechanics which they call dealers. They often have contracts with them and they work together on many favors like that.

will do, thx. wanted to see if it was a strong possibility that they match cuz i gotta transport sacrifice vehicle a ways. thx

yes both 4wd and both 1.8 litre motor, mine auto, his 5 spd. could u please check that autozone thing 4 the tank match? that is the $64K question. tank filler is on pass side 4 mine. damn liquid calcium chloride they use on fed and state roads in maine is like spraying battery acid on underside of your car. many thx

Tanks Part #:
Chevy Tracker: GM44C, $251.99 or GM54B, $321.99
Susuki Sidekick: SZ2A, $251.99

So apparently, no, the tanks themselves are different.

Sorry…I lived up there for a while (actually, I’m from up there - NH, but I left as soon as I could), and really, when they’re treating the roads in winter, you need to wash (with a good underside blast), about once a week. Sometimes more.

Good luck…

oh well, it was a nice plan, but i know lots of little things are different between them, which seems to make no sense to me. be cheaper to produce them all the same and just change a little detail trim here and there. oh well… many thx

One thing I forgot to mention, is that there are lots of little differences between the Canadian and American versions of the Suzuki version of that vehicle, too. I don’t have access to the Canadian part numbers, however, the tank itself may indeed be the same as the Chevy version…just to toss more confusion into the mix.

Sorry. I found out the hard way, working on my cousin’s. Took me forever to figure out why the parts that were supposed to fit, didn’t. Take the VIN and call a dealer to figure out which one you have. Good luck.