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SUV suddenly stalls out/dies while driving!

My wife has tried to explain this, now it has finally happened while I was driving.
08’ GMC Envoy: I have noticed that while driving, the SUV will some times stall a bit when the A/C kicks on. Also, if I try to ‘roll’ the automatic windows up when they are all the way up, this seems to put too much of a load on the system and the lights will dim.
–SO! I was driving the Envoy and making a right hand turn when the wheel suddenly became hard to turn. I quickly realized that the SUV was dead. It had just cut off mid turn. I let off the gas and while coasting, I put it into N and cranked it back up. Everything was fine. I finished my trip.
My wife said that this has happened to her at least twice now (Not always while turning)and that she noticed both times that the A/C stopped working just before the sudden cut off.

Is the check engine light on? If so, what are the codes stored for the CEL? Also, how many miles on the Envoy?

No check engine light. No codes. 110k miles.

The first ground wire to check after the ones on the battery is from engine to firewall or fender. If that doesn’t fix it, there are many other things to have checked.