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2004 Envoy Stops Running

i have a 2004 gmc envoy. never had any problems and gets serviced regularly. a few weeks ago the battery was completely drained, and now, twice, it has died while at a complete stop. no sputtering or anything, just dies. cranks right back up like nothing ever happened.

It could be many things, but you’ll have to pay for a diagnosis to know for sure. Any check engine light?

Our 2005 Envoy use to have all the lights light up and die. It has not done that for a few years now. Something electrical?

i’m thinking electrical as well, but it shows no other signs at all. no check engine, no anything.

no other signs at all

Help, did you find what was wrong? having the same problem with my 2005 Envoy, replace cm sensor and ezcellorater assembly, cant find the reson for the stalling :frowning: