SUV Repairs

I own a 2001 GMC Yukon with 60,000 miles. The oil and filter are changed regularly and I recently had all of the belts and hoses replaced, along with the fuel filter, as preventative maintenance. My second set of new tires will be next. Past maintenance: front and rear suspension alignment - 9/2002, complete fuel system service (30,000 miles) - 9/2004, rear parking brake shoes and intermediate steering shaft replaced - 9/2005, rear differential cover gasket replaced - 3/2006.

During my recent oil change, I was told my power steering fluid is dirty. What are the most important services I need to address at this time?

Also, when starting my vehicle, most times it doesn’t turn over the first try. I turn the key off, try again and it starts right up. My battery is 8 months old and the cables are clean and connected. What should I have the service people look into as a possible problem?

Thank you so much for any advice you can offer. I’m a senior citizen with a limited budget and want my vehicle to be safe and reliable. It also helps when I have some knowledge when approaching repair shops.


Find a shop that doesn"t require you to bring a diagnosis to them.Your most pressing need is to get the intermittent no-crank situation resolved.At 60,000 miles I would be doing a sparkplug replacement,followed by trans service(no flush)you probably had a coolant replacement done at the time of hose replacement,followed by brake fluid flush (make sure your brake system inspection is current)No doubt you will get a different list in a different order.My first thing I would look at in regards to the no-crank condition is to check that the nut holding the large postive cable to the starter is tight,I have seen many loose.