Suspension Mods


Any Mazda owners or just enthusiasts out there have thoughts on suspension modifications for the Mazda Tribute? I wonder about the lowering kits and the “performance” shocks/struts that are available. I’m interested in knowing what kind of mods people are making and some of the reasons that go into making a suspension mod/upgrade.


It might help if you tell us why you are considering mods.

Do you want a different look?
Do you want a different feel?
Do you want better/different road handling?


I guess what I was really interested in knowing is, if you were going to replace parts like the shocks or struts, would it be better to look into “performance” parts or are the OEM replacements just as good. I don’t have to do anything at this point, I was simply curious. But if I wanted to impove anything on my Tribute it would be better handling.