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2000 Honda CR-V Idle Surge

Hello all. I have a 2000 Honda CR-V with a B20Z2 engine and automatic tranny. This Honda has an idle surge that just won’t quit!! (surge= rpms rise and fall, repeat) It’s really driving me nuts and I need this car to drive for school next week! So far, I’ve:
-cleaned throttle body
-replaced spark plug wires (plugs are fairly new), distributor rotor, and distributor cap
-bleed coolant
-ECU relearn idle
-adjusted intake and exhaust valves (tight exhaust valves are incredibly common on my engine)
-cleaned out Idle Air Control Valve with Simple Green
-performed vacuum test (with propane, not carb cleaner since it works the same)
-performed compression test (every cylinder checked out)
-replaced throttle body gasket

I’ve had Check Engine Light misfire codes for a while now, but they pretty much disappeared after the valve job. All that’s left is an Idle Air Control System code (P0505). I’m am completely stumped at what to do now. What’s more is that white smoke has started pouring out of the tailpipe and it doesn’t smell like coolant. At first I thought it was the oil in the cylinders from the compression test, but now I’m not sure. It doesn’t really smell like oil or coolant, but it smells like something is burning…

With the P0505 code I don’t think its really much of a stumper - you probably need to replace the IAC. I’d certainly check out the wiring for it first including making sure its voltage supply is correct & reliable. But then I’d be tossing a new IAC onto it. Cleaning it probably didn’t help (really? Simple Green?) because this code is about detecting electrical issues with it.

Here’s a useful write up:

It’s about electrical?! I didn’t know that! I’ll check it out when I get a chance. What should I do to look for voltage? Do I need a jumper wire? How many volts should I look for?