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Surging sebring

Hello, this is driving me nuts. My 98 sebring 2.5 jxi surges and stumbles on acceleration only @ operating temperature. Engine light on, code is lost crank/cam angle sensor. I replaced the cas, no change. Replaced distributor, no change. Erased code each time, it reset within minutes. Now the strange part. When bucking and surging down the road, (+/-500 rpm)if I turn on an electrical load such as headlights, a/c, rear glass heater, the engine immediately smooths out and stays that way. If I turn the load off, the problem instantly returns. Any ideas, other than just drive w/ the lights on? Thanks, Lee.

It is obvious you need a charging system check out.

The check out won’t fix the car but it will tell you if the concern is related to the charging system.

Hello, Oldschool. I checked the charging system & found 14.0v @ cold idle, same @ 2000 rpm. When the car warms up and the surging starts, about 10 minutes, the voltage is 13.9-14.0. When I turn the lights on, engine instantly smooths out, 13.6-13.9 volts. Does not seem to be significant enough to to cause this, does it? Thanks, Lee.