Surging or hesitating HELP!

Help!! 2005 Chevy Colorado. Timing chain recently replaced, but ever since then, it has a “surging” and/or “hesitation” ONLY when you go around a curve or when going up a hill. I have replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump, and the vacuum lines, but it’s still doing it. It idles fine, and there are no codes. Check engine light is not on. Thank you for any help!!

Go back to the same mechanic and have him fix the problem since it wasn’t there before he changed the timing chain,right?

Yes, but I am afraid he will cause more of a mess than it started with. Seriously there were bolts missing, and an entire vacuum line was no where to be found. Just found part of a socket wrench under the headlight yesterday.

I’m trying to figure how replacing the timing chain has anything to do with the problem you’re describing…

You need a new mechanic.

One thing may not have anything to do with the other, but I wasn’t having this problem prior to having that replaced. I was hoping it may have been just a vacuum leak but its still at it.

Was this a real mechanic, or was it one of those guys operating out of the back of their car?

Yes, it was a real mechanic. 3 bay shop and all

That means you have options. Take it back, tell the owner everything that you’ve discovered, including the tools left behind, and give him/her the opportunity to make it right.

Unless you have experience fixing cars, and a garage full of tools, this is not the kind of fix you will be able to do yourself, so your choice is to either let the original shop fix their screw-up, or take it to a new shop and pay them to fix it.

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Was the variable valve timing sprocket/actuator also replaced?


Yes, it was supposed to be