Surging Engine, Head Lights and Dashboard Lights!

Hi, I have a 2002 Honda Civic with manual transmission. About 10,000 miles ago, the Head Lights began to surge. About 3,000 miles after that, the Dash Board Lights began to surge in synch with the Head Lights. Now the Engine is surging in synch with the Head Lights and Dash Board Lights! The Engine surging happens mostly in the lower gears - and at the bottom of the gear. But has been known to happen in all gears - no matter the RPMs. Please advise, Thank you!

My best guess is that your alternator is dying, but it would be unusual for a bad alternator to last for another 10k after it shows signs of failing. Still, I think that you should have the alternator checked.

I had the alternator replaced just before this all started. Do you think it was installed incorrectly? Thank you!

Have the alternator checked,it could be defective.

If the charging system checks out could we have two problems? One electrical (not alternator related) and one driveability (engine surging at all speeds)Fuel pump pressure defective fuel pressure regulator. I know there will be a small voltage increase as the engine comes off idle but enough of an increase to be noticed in the interiorlighting? Cannot connect the lighting and the engine surging concerns.Espically with a no concern alternator.

I suspect the alternator is causing the problem also. To see if this is correct you could try pulling the fuse to the alternator or the plug to the back side of it. This should disable the alternator and if the problems go away then you will know what you need to do.