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Sun's Rays

Here?s a home-grown puzzler that wouldn?t show up very well on radio:

What accounts for the angles between the sun?s rays in the photo at the following link?


Rays from the sun should be essentially parallel. The angle subtended at the sun by the entire earth is less than .005 degrees, yet the maximum angle between rays in the photo looks to be about 60 degrees, and the photo looks to span only about 100 feet where the rays are evident.

I?ll respond to the first posted answer that I think is correct by saying so.

What else do you get? Pretty much the same thing you get when you buy a lottery ticket or send in your answer to the puzzler that airs weekly.

If you think posting a puzzler at this site is a bad idea, I?m sure you?ll let me know. I didn?t figure it would hurt.

The sun’s rays are parallel. We’re seeing the apparent covergence towards the source, like when you stand on railroad tracks and they appear to converge in the distance.

That’s my answer. So much for that idea!