Sumas SM30BT Car Stereo w/3" touchscreen LCD + Bluetooth & Mic. +iPOD video cable+DVD/USB=DivX +MP4

Mine is 1999 Integra with 75k miles.

My Kenwood was stolen after 6yrs of use.

My post a link below for a Sumas model - a friend says if it works for 5 yrs, that’s good enough.

What do you think?

PS: I know someone reported that the remote of this SUmas melted at 90degree - looks as if it was made using Radio Shack parts.


Do you have a question that makes sense?

$150 for a touchscreen stereo? I say you get what you pay for :wink:

I recommend looking at Pioneer. They tend to have the best bang for the buck.

I’ve never heard of this brand. I’d agree that you get what you pay for. You will probably end up disappointed with the overall quality. I tend to like Sony or Kenwood for car audio, but that’s just me.

I’d look for user reviews if you can find them before buying it.

Review on Walmart, 4/5
only 6 months warranty

Looks like people didn’t like the user interface, but the reviews seemed mostly positive. I doubt you could touch it for the $108 that Wallyworld is advertising it for, so go for it I guess.

What do you mean by “…I doubt you could touch it …”?