Suggestions for a garden hose soap-dispensing car washer?

Our vehicle gets covered in road grime.
Grit seems to adhere to the wheels fromagnesium chloride.

Walmart’s gardehose washer does not connecto a gardehose:


Thank you.

Just continue to drive very closely in back of other vehicles, and–hopefully–the overspray from their windshield washers will cleanse the vehicle that you clearly hate.


Either buy a power washer that the soap dispenser attaches to, Or use a coin operated self service car wash.
For soapless washing, I had a small, fixed (non-adjustable) brass nozzle that put out a very forceful but small stream of water from a garden hose. I might have purchased it at Harbor Freight, but that was years ago.

I saw that one and it does connect to a garden hose, you just need the right adapter. We use the same quick disconnect sort of nozzles and wands at work. One part just screws onto your faucet or the end of your garden hose. Harbor Fake as some would call it has a similar model.

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Agree, if what you are talking about is what I am seeing, they are just quick connectors like for compressed air. I Have them on all my hoses, sprinklers and nozzles to connect to the garden hoses. I got mine at the farm store. Not all interconnect like air hoses.

Basically like this, ours are more basic black plastic.

For heavens sake. Talk about making a problem where there is none. Just get the other half of the quick disconnect screw it onto your hose and be gone with you. Are you really that bored you have to come here for this? If you can’t figure this out, how do you remember to slow down before sharp curves.


Doesn’t get onto the inside part of the wheels whicholds much grit and snow. The snow and ice there has caused the wheels to be noticeably out of balance above 40 mph.
Had to stop and remove it.

Walmart does not have the fittings. Why claim “gardehose” when it does not connect?
Seeking something which connects withouthat flow restricting piece.

For heaven’s sake stay out of Walmart. Nothing good happens at Walmart or after 2:00 in the morning. Your hardware store will have appropriate fittings for $.

I have an MTM PF22 foam cannon that I use with my pressure washer. Works very well, produces a nice thick foam. I also have the Chemical Guys foam gun (same thing as several others sold under different brands) for the garden hose. Both of these items have the job of putting soap/foam on the car, neither is made to blast dirt off the paint. That’s the job of the pressure washer (without the foam cannon attached) or the hose with a normal spray attachment.

That cheap thing you linked to from Wal-Mart isn’t going to do much for you. It’s $7 for a reason. I would suggest simply going to a pay-n-spray DIY car wash bay if you don’t want to do a proper hand wash.

Ha! Walmart has best price on Mobil1 0W-20 full-synthetic 5 quart containers!

Just got Harbor Freight’s nozzle. Nice soaping butheir Center spray is weak. Why is our gardehose nozzle CENTER spray much stronger? Better for scrubbing debris off.

Using a metriCrescent wrench, the “quick release” fitting unscrews and gardehose attaches.
Presumably the Walmart nozzle does the same but reviewers do not realize it.