Car wash

We just bought a Porsche and are have a devil of a time finding a good car wash in the miami area. Any suggestions?

A garden hose?

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If it is still being marketed, the Mr. Clean Car Wash system is very good. You attach it to your garden hose and is dispenses a very good, specialized car wash detergent.

There is even a separate “final rinse” setting which emits a fine mist of deionized water. This deionized water actually does dry rapidly with no runs, streaks, or spots. However, I cannot verify if this product is still being sold. You might try Wal-Mart.

Is that deionized water or a surfactant to break the surface tension?

I’m a little hazy on the topic, but IIRC correctly, the cartridge for that final rinse deionizes and demineralizes the water. This is subject to correction, however.

Addendum: I just checked their website, and it appears that the detergent contains a surfactant to allow the wash water to “sheet off”. The final rinse water is apparently just demineralized. However, if you observe the incredibly rapid drying process that takes place, it sure looks like something more technological is taking place.

For those who are interested, here is a link:

Note to web lackeys: I am not a shill for P & G. I am merely providing some technical info on a product that I consider to be good.

And I, for one, appreciate it.

I may try one of these. I see the adds, but am always skeptical until someone whose judgement I trust provides input.

I looked at one…And instead of getting one of those I installed a whole house carbon filter on my hose. I can flip a switch to run the hose through the filter…does an EXCELLENT job.

Is water and part vinegar a good solution for washing a car? I heard a salesman instruct a new car owner to wash his new car – a black sports car – in water mixed with vinegar.

You wash off the bird droppings to remove the acid sitting on the paint. I would like to witness that salesman wash his car with vinegar.

I used it with my Chevelle when I had it. Worked pretty good, and I had hard/rusty water(had problems with the softener) where I lived before I sold it.

An auto detailer will sometimes do a quality car wash including hand wax etc.

The funny thing on the response of garden hose is I went to a $3 car wash with fillup. Did a wonderful job. However a bit of sap and needed to get off with a tiny bit of cleaner. I rinsed with my garden hose which bypasses a water softner and my car and espeically has white stains all over it from hard water. So garden hose is a bad idea at my locale.

Had You Bought Another Brand Of Car, Would That Make It Easier For You?
We just bought a Porsche and are have a devil of a time finding a good car wash in the miami area. Any suggestions?

You can try a different area now that the Miami area has gone belly-up. Should that fail, try a different brand car. It’s unfortunate that you had to buy a new car before you found out. That’s an expensive lesson!

I prefer hand-washing and I can do that right in my driveway.

You’re on to it, CSA. There is actually an ordinance against commercial car washes doing Porsches in Miami-Dade County. Move, or different car. Those are your options.