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Sudden Epidemic of Giant Pickup Jerks

In the last two weeks they have been exercising their " right of way always goes to the biggest vehicle" entitlement. Four giant pickups and one Jeep Grand Cherokee verses my Kia Forte compact at the same intersection. The intersection has no left turn protected green arrows. Every time I was proceeding straight through the intersection. It enters and exits a small mall called Academy Square, My Grandson’s private academy is behind it. I pick him up at school two times per week and alternating three times per week. In two weeks I crossed the intersection both ways ten times. The first jerk was a female (jerkett?) Dodge Ram with my Grandson onboard. The second was a male. Opposite direction so I was solo. Third was a male Chevrolet opposite direction solo. Fourth was female Jeep Grand Cherokee with Grandson on board. Worse with the big smirk on her face. Fifth Dodge Ram Grandson not on board. Most drivers of Giant pickups/SUVs are fine. What is wrong with these jerks?

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Wish I knew, several years ago my dad flew to Dallas and at the rental car desk they tried to offer him a Ford Explorer instead of the compact he’d reserved. The Toyota Corolla dad ended up taking was in the same predicament. No right of way from just about any of those big trucks.

It’s even worse for Prius drivers though, my mom upgraded to a new 2010 Prius from her 1990 Mazda Protoge and she’s lost count of how many big trucks have cut in front.

That’s new? Not around here.

I have a Trailblazer, and occasionally I drive my daughters saturn, There is more respect for big vehicles than little vehicles in my around town observations. In the saturn I get cut off turned in front of short lane change etc. more than the tailblazer, little car screw you is what I think. Yellow and a few seconds of red is the new green, was at a light today, it turned green and had to wait for 5 cars (yes I counted them) blowing through after I had the green light. I me my mine

Additionally, the pickup drivers in my area can be counted on to do the following:
Tailgating other vehicles–even when they are already driving above the speed limit
Failing to turn on their headlights in inclement weather

Not around here either. There is a strange large vehicle cult. Giant pickups and SUVs with no need for them. For some unknown reason they spend a huge amount of money for these vehicles then much more to jack them up and add many accessories then drive them to work and occasionally to the grocery store. A vintage Geo Metro would serve the same purpose.

I don’t have a problem driving what they want. If they can afford it and want it, no problem.

I see a lot of women driving huge pickups and SUVs. They like the 4 door pickups that have the stubby useless cargo beds. I recall driving to the dentist once in a snow storm. I’m driving a 4x4 truck doing the speed limit on snow covered road. I had not one, but two women in huge trucks tailgating me, one foot off my bumper.

Saw a ton of that in the snow storm yesterday…I especially loved it when the vehicle was gray or white

I don’t have a problem with them. I’m only puzzled. My problem is with the few large vehicle drivers obviously using them to intimidate other drivers.

Some day, gas might go back up to $4/gallon, then those with their Toyota Yaris cars can pull up to the gas pump can fill up and then complain out loud “CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? $35 BUCKS FOR A FILL UP!!!” while the person filling up his huge pickup truck is still filling his tank with the pump already in the triple digits.

Relax! We’ve been living with those giant pickup jerks for the last 35 years here! On my block alone there are 8 and the typical shopping center parking lot is a mass of them.

Of course I have posted this before . But this reminds of the line ( why does a 100 pound woman need a 5000 pound vehicle to go get a 1 pound loaf of bread ) .

But… but… I think they’re getting bigger! :scream:
I attribute it to the “mine’s bigger than yours” philosophy.


RE giant trucks, I never understood, when you have a dually, or whatever the term with a camper top, or whatever you call it, it looks like a baby truck ran into a big truck, and got stuck there, why the wasted space?

I have an F150, often have older Asian makes cut in front of me or cut me off. It’s the driver not the vehicle.

But in the 50s my dad thought the same about Caddy and Buick drivers!

I have noticed this also, they’ve gone from big to stupid-big. Big just for the sake of bigness, making the trucks nearly useless as a result. You try to load some heavy freight into a bed that’s nearly as high off the ground as your head!
They’ve removed all vestiges of utility from trucks just for the sake of bigness.


The thing I like about the big trucks as I have said in the past. Is the huge chrome grills. When one pulls up behind you at a red light you can look in your mirror and check all your tail lights. Reverse lights, brake on, brake off (parking brake applied of course) left and right turn signals. Always do the reverse lights first, the look on the truck drivers face is priceless. :wink:


I do have to agree, I preferred the size of my Ranger over my current F150.

My old 1954 Ford F-100 was a lot closer to a Ranger in size than a current F-150.
Ditto for 1950 Chevy 3100 series pickup trucks, stove bolt sixes and three on the tree.