Suburban headaches

Okay, this is a little complicated. My husband recently totaled our Toyota xB on a Deer (deer didn’t make it, husband fine). Insurance only covered what we owe. Also, our 2003 Suburban has been falling apart lately. Since June: alternator, air conditioning, water pump, window fell off track, oxygen sensor… We still owe $5000 on it. We just took the Dave Ramsey class and wanted to get out of car payments, but I’m thinking that might not be possible. I think we should trade the Suburban (probably at a loss) and get either a Honda Odyssey or Ford Frreestyle (we need three rows of seats for 5 kids). I read the 2006 Freestyle was a good year for this model. Do you think we should dump the Suburban at a possible loss to avoid future mechanical problems or hang on to it, and pay it off? Plus, what to do about a second car! Play the lotto?

I could work with you on fixing the Suburban, but the financial aspects to what is best for you I leave to others.