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Subraru forrester 2010 CRAZY FAT security KEY body

i like to carry my ‘valet’ key in my wallet as an emergency spare - and in other years - thought nothing of cutting the plastic part off - this year is a SUPER thick weird blank - plus a 3/8" thick EXTRA Big wad of plastic on the top but has nothing electrical in it at all. sales rep says - it will break the key to take the plastic wad off- but i can cut it off clean - as i have done before - BUT is there some LEGIT functional reason NOT to do it ?

or am i being punked by an idiot sales dude ?

Not to many of us have seen the key for a 2010 car period. All you can do is cut it off and see if it works. If you just need the cut off key to get into the locked door(s) it doesn’t matter if it is a “chip” key or not.

Another option is take it and get a non chip “flat” key made from the valet key. It should be easy to store in your wallet and leave your valet key intact. It won’t start and run the car, but it will unlock the door(s).

just so everybody knows: there IS a an epoxy packaged passive RFID tag IN the blocky plastic top of the key - if that module is more than about 30 ft from the vehicle - the alarm WILL SOUND when the crazy key in your hand opens however - i used some thin shrink tube to bind the thing to the crooked shaft ( all thats left when you cut the plastic ) and alls well now.

the tag is in a tiny pocket and NOT molded in - the whole outer enclosure is sonic
welded but careful cutting with a matte knife does the trick nicely

the new Subaru key arrangement reminds me of the key on a brick that some service stations use for the rest room . ok for a purse but sucks in your pocket .