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Subaru XV Hybrid

These cars are a rare item I have seen on the road. I have counted 3 this year in 40k miles driving. It may be the region but that is not the question to the community today. The question starts out with those that know Subaru well and especially the newer years such as 2013 to present.

From mainly working on GM or Ford in the recent years I am new to the Subaru’s, higher performing brands that are current for the market. The brands meaning parts. What part brands are known for Subaru to be standard and those known to be higher performing to racing?

I have no idea what your question means . Firms that sell performance parts have stuff for many brands . I guess this is a subject for a Subaru forum .

I guess you want to add performance parts to a Crosstrek hybrid. A low powered electric motor is added to the low powered 4-cyl engine. I doubt that there is anything inexpensive to improve power. How much are you willing to spend, and what will you do with the Crosstrek hybrid when you are done?

There’s quite a few sports car looking Subaru’s in my area. They have four huge exhaust pipes sticking out the back of the rear bumper, and make a really loud and annoying exhaust sound. Not sure if they come that way from the factory, or they’ve been modded by Subie sports-car enthusiasts. But I see (and much to my chagrin, hear) them quite often on the road here in the San Jose area.

I am not aiming for power but more life. This car is driven 50k a year and I would like to get it to a million miles. My thoughts were with high performance parts would determine a longer range of life between part switching.

I am not familiar with the car, but I do have a suggestion. Look for plastic OEM parts and replace them with metal ones when the plastic fails. As an example, the BMW 5-Series uses a plastic water pump, and it fails after 4 or 5 years. It can be replaced with a metal racing water pump, and that one will last the life of the car. You should buy a factory repair manual so that you can understand the car better.

You need to change your thoughts. High performance parts are to add performance, not durability. Their designs nearly always reduce the life of the component, not increase it.

Generally, the original manufacturer’s parts (OEM) will last longer than even quality replacement parts. The aftermarket replacement parts are copies of the OEM and lack the durability testing experiences of the OEM manufacturer.

This isn’t always true as some aftermarket companies - the good ones - can design in improvements that the OEM’s can’t or won’t add. Like grease zerks on stabilizer bar links. Tires are definitely the exception.


I think that is unrealistic , and also might not be cost effective. I understood that mostly highway driving usually made hybrids not the best choice because it reduced their main purpose. Now big city Taxi service can benefit apparently.

I also agree that the high performance parts are for performance not longevity.

maybe the OP is an uber driver? all around town. 20yrs forward thinking? thats a good one. i have trouble planning my next week. i dont understand a plan to own 1 car for 20yrs. whew

It should be possible to reach one million miles if you drive 50,000 per year. Those have to be mostly freeway miles, which are very easy on a car. If that were my objective I’d focus on making sure all the routine maintenance was always up to date according to Subaru’s recommendations for the car, and when a part needed replacing, with an oem part from Subaru itself, when such a part is available.

Note that I said “possible”. Not necessarily economically viable.