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Subaru wont even try to turnover

I have a 1998 Subaru Outback with 167,000 miles and it will not start. right now it wont even make the click sound when it tries to spark the solenoid. we have recently replaced the battery (1 month ago), the alternator (3 weeks ago) (lights were dimming while driving). with the new battery it started fine twice then needed to be jumped and thats when we replaced the alternator, then it stated fine with for about 3 days. then needed jumping. and not it wont even click. and today we took the starter out and had it tested. it still works fine. we are going to try and get another new battery. any thoughts? please and thank you!!

Do the HEADLIGHTS work when you turn them on?? If nothing (assuming the connections are clean and tight) then the battery is indeed dead. Before you replace it (again) try to CHARGE it.

If you installed the new alternator without first charging the dead battery, you may have fried the new alternator…Alternators in theory protect themselves from overload, but many “rebuilt” units have problems charging dead batteries…They get hot and fail…

Thanks! yes, the headlights turn on. it clicked when we tried to jump it but would not turnover…

Do you have an automatic or manual transmission. If it’s an automatic put the transmission in neutral and see if it will start.

Thanks! it is a manual transmission. we kept tring it and eventually it turned over (after maybe 10 tires) when we gave it a little gas. we then let it run for a few and turned it off. then tried again and it started on the second try. when it does start it starts strong. also the fuel injectors & knock sensor were replaced last fall.

The neutral safety switch for a manual is on the clutch. I think it is failing so let a good mechanic check it out. Have the mechanic check out the ignition switch and wiring to the starter as well.

awesome thank you so much!! youve really helped!

Might be time for a new starter…

This is probably not your problem, but it’s worth making sure everything is in good working order.

You didn’t mention anything about the cables. Even if there’s only minimal corrosion on the outside, the corrosion can be all the way up inside the insulation where you can’t see it. If it’s eaten away too much of the cable inside, you won’t get the full power of the battery through the cable. Sometimes it works, sometimes it just clicks, or it might just turn the engine too slowly to start it. You may get enough power for headlights but not for the starter. If you cut a slit in the insulation and see corrosion inside, replace the cable(s). Once it starts up inside, it’s like a cancer and just keeps eating away. You’ll need cables at some point anyway, so replace them and see if that fixes your problem before you start dumping more money.

It’s worth a shot.